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Holiday in Tux

The municipality of Tux consists of some larger villages (Tux, Hintertux, Madseit and Juns) and smaller hamlets like Berg, Schöneben, Ausserrettenbach and Gemais. Tux is the main village as there is the council hall, the church, the tourism office, the schools, the kindergarten - in short, it is the centre. The municipalitiy is spread across 10 km at an altitude of 1,260 m in Vorderlanersbach and more than 1,500 m in Hintertux. It is framed by beautiful mountains, whose highest summit is the Olperer at 3,476 m. The valley and the slopes are green up to the glacier's border - hence the name "Tux, the green glacier valley".

The Tux valley is more thoroughly settled than the other side valleys of the Zillertal, since the climatic conditions there are a bit more favourable. The valley is the rock barrier between the "Tuxer Voralpen" (mountains of clay-like slate) and the "Tuxer Hauptkamm" (granite-like gneiss). That varied make-up of the mountains on both sides of the valley is responsible for the location's special geographical attraction. Because of it, both hiking lovers as well as mountaineering fans will find something suitable. The smooth slate mountains on the sunny side of the valley are better positioned for farming. This is evidenced by the "Geisel" farms at an altitude of 1,630 meters, the only farms at such an altitude that are inhabited the entire year.

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