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Trip destinations

We have prepared a small selection of possible day trips for you. As you can see, there is a lot to do and discover in Tirol. We will happily provide further information if you should require it.

  • Innsbruck - the provincial capital of Tyrol (60 km)

    Alpine Zoo Innsbruck
    – 2,000 animals belonging to 150 species are exhibited in naturalistic pens, terrariums and aquariums.

  • Hall - the “coin city” (55 km)

  • Schwaz - the “silver city” (43 km)

  • Rattenberg - the “glass city” (40 km)

  • Swarovski Crystal Worlds – The Swarovski Crystal Worlds invite you to a journey through the dream world of fairy and other tales.

  • The “Magical World of Glass” at Kisslinger in Rattenberg. On the over 1000 m˛ large exhibition area of Kisslinger Crystal Glas, visitors can watch the glass blowers create cups, little glass animals, etc.

  • FeuerWerk - the wood experience in Fügen im Zillertal - On a tour through the most modern, most economical combined biomass heat and power plant in Europe, visitors don't only have an opportunity to see its fascinating technology, they are also called upon to focus their senses on wood, that omnipresent natural product.

  • Open dairy Zillertal - Mayrhofen
    Find out about the many uses of milk on 6,000 m2 and 11 interesting stations!

  • Adventure goldmine Zell: Feel how the interior of the mountain is alive and experience 350 years's worth of history of this nearly forgotten trade in a multimedia presentation within the mine. Find out how the work conditions beneath the surface were, how the miners lived and what their social environment was like.

  • Thermal bath Zillertal -  the water wellness world! Aimed especially at children, it offers the longest waterslide in Western Austria with 133 m and timekeeping, and also a grotto, a waterfall, climbing nets and a large toddlers' area to make the hours just fly by. Forget everything you know about similar water parks and enter a new dimension of water fun in Fügen im Zillertal.

  • Farm museum in Kramsach (45 km)
    A collection of historical farms from all over Tyrol. It encompasses an area of about 8 hectares.

  • Achensee - a beautiful mountain lake that offers the possibility of taking a boat cruise (maybe even in the evening?)

  • WasserWunderWelt Krimml/Wald (36 km)
    Experience the fascination of water at the Krimml waterfalls. See many interesting features and have fun in the Aqua Centrum, the Aqua Parc, at the Aqua Vision.

  • Planetarium - Observatory Königsleiten/Wald (28 km)
    Europes highest-up planetarium and its observatory are located in the nearby village Königsleiten. A six-kilometer-long Planets' Path around Königsleiten is supposed to render the dimensions of our solar system understandable for the human mind.

  • Nordkette: Experience the "Seegrube"

  • Alpine road Schlegeis reservoir– see mountain reservoirs.

  • Wolfsklamm Stans – go on a soulsearching trip through the Wolfklamm to the St. Georgenberg monastery.

  • ... 

Didn't find anything suitable? Just ask us - we're glad to help!